The Montessori Way –Milton Montessori is Groundbreaking

The Montessori Way –Milton Montessori is Groundbreaking
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The Montessori Way –Milton Montessori is Groundbreaking

Milton Montessori School (formerly Red Apple Montessori) proudly follows the Montessori Method established by Dr. Maria Montessori, and using this method, we provide an individualized educational experience to children. At Milton Montessori, we foster in them positive self-esteem- supporting curiosity and social skills. Freedom of movement throughout the classroom nurtures the child’s curious spirit, and it allows the child to learn through doing.  We are pleased to announce that Milton Montessori is breaking ground on a 6,000 square foot faculty that will hold 5 more classrooms and the addition of elementary programs.

The original campus was based on a 2,400 square foot area providing quality education to children from 18 months through 6 years. Milton Montessori’s learning environment will now span an area covering 8,400 square feet. We are excited about this expansion, and we are confident our added learning facilities will further separate us as a leader in early childhood education.

The Benefits of Montessori Education vs. Traditional Education:

Traditional schools confine a child’s learning environment to his/her desk, and they restrict the child’s movements within the classroom to certain times of the day.  A Milton Montessori student said, “I like my school because I can walk around the classroom, and I can make my own snack”. Children choose their own work, but most importantly they move, explore and learn. Maria Montessori created a prepared environment in which movement was a vital part of learning. Through this movement, the child develops a love of learning and discovering. Similarly, students at Milton Montessori School discover themselves and the world around them through their exploration of the thoughtfully prepared classroom environment.

While we are excited about our expansion, we at Milton Montessori School will always maintain that which is a quintessential part of what makes us the school we are today- our authentic approach to Montessori learning within our “home away from home” environment. Our new building and classrooms will still maintain low student to teacher ratios and our experienced faculty.

When You Consider Montessori School System – You Think of Space and Movement

“If you wish to give the means to the child for his development you must give them in such a way that the child can, and must move. …In all her books, lectures, conversations, Montessori incessantly returns to this great theme of the importance of movement.”

—E.M. Standing Maria Montessori, Her Life and Work

When a child moves, he or she learns. Of course we all move as we get through different phases of life, but the movement of children is intimately connected to their learning. The brain becomes stimulated more when movement gets involved, as opposed to when sitting and watching and listening passively. Our sedentary lifestyle does not give us the opportunity to think other than screen addiction, but is this what our children need?

The brain requires all kinds of movements to function and develop. Consider, for example, how a toddler tumbles and stumbles until he can hold himself upright. It’s similar to the practice of learning to hold a pencil, write letters, and finally be able to put them into words meaning something. Practice is the main weapon accompanied with supporting movements.

Maria Montessori practically showed how intelligence and creativity developed when a child explored and figured things out, on his own. Her observation involved movement of children, and in her book “The Discovery of the Child” she writes: “One of the most important practical aspects of our method has been to make the training of the muscles enter into the very life of children so that it is intimately connected with their daily activities”.

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