Montessori Method: The New Way Forward

Montessori Method: The New Way Forward
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Montessori Method: The New Way Forward

Ever wondered about the quality of education? Haven’t done that yet, well you might need to seriously consider what we are learning and its mirror effects on our societies in general. The issue of education doesn’t seem to draw a lot of readers in, which as experts attribute is all due to the redundancy of the topic itself. But what if we told you that there exists an education system which trains students to become creative innovators and leaders rather than becoming a part of an overwhelming majority of ordinary personnel working from 9-5. Consider a system that is without the influence of grades, tests or homework. Intrigued? Well, this system exists and it is known as the Montessori Method. But what exactly is it? In a nutshell, this method focuses on nourishing a hands-on self-pace, collaborative and inspirational learning experience. It imparts the essence of attention to detail, cataloging a problem, starting off with small steps and building an idea through experimentation; more importantly solving a problem with the feelings of animated interest.

A unique feature among the fascinating parts of Montessori training is its focus on removing the fear associated with failing. As mentioned earlier, this system focuses on a hands-on approach. Thus, the do-it-yourself mentality promotes the idea of self-learning and the sustenance required to keep progressing. Even the most productive and innovative development frameworks such as agile development and lean startup methodology, owe some similarities with the experimental processes of Montessori learning.

Experts from Milton Montessori remark that there is no age restriction in promoting and enhancing innovation, which ultimately leads one to become better problem solvers and leaders. While there are various ways to exercise problem-solving skills, it is still advised to study the principles of Montessori Methods. Admittedly, the Montessori Method is associated with the primary education of the children, the seven pillars of self-directed learning are generalised concepts which can be applied to adults who want to become more creative, adaptable and self-motivated.

  • Independence
  • Responsibility
  • Self-Discipline
  • Leadership
  • Initiative
  • Academics
  • Lifelong Learning

Montessori: Promoting excellence and importance of lifelong learning

We are now in an age where standing apart is becoming the norm, and employers are hunting for people with a diversified skill set. Thus, lifelong learning is now a necessity rather than a luxury, for keeping up-to-date and staying relevant. Unfortunately, our public education system, which is primarily designed to impart knowledge in mass production philosophy, is failing and jeopardising the future prosperity and proper nourishment of our society. Experts argue that current educational system is built on old fundamentals and economic dynamics, which is why they have become outdated to instil the self-directed initiative and flexibility to adapt to students. Don’t believe the above argument? Sir Ken Robinson in his most prevalent TED Talk points out the process of how schools kill the creativity in a child. He further contends that to flourish in the post-mechanical 21st-century economy, the most vital abilities are self-coordinated activities and social knowledge. This method is particularly valid for the most desired lucrative employments in our insight based economy.

Relinquishing the secret of success – Montessori Method is Silicon Valley’s Innovation Secret

Kyle Pearce, a well-known blogger, remarks that Montessori Method may just be the Silicon Valley’s best-kept secret. After all once and twice is coincidence but thrice, no there are too many variables to predict in the situation like these. Many of you might-might have heard rumours about the existence of ‘PayPal Mafia’, and their incredible influence in the Silicon Valley. How often do you see three former members of a company become billionaires? Kyle hints at the possible existence of ‘Montessori Mafia.’ Studies have shown that a remarkable number of Silicon Valley’s brightest minds have Montessori education in common. Here are a few of them:

  • Larry Page & Sergei Brin, co-founders of Google
  • Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon
  • Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia
  • Even Thomas Edison, the American inventor

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