How to Know If a Montessori School Is Right for Your Child

How to Know If a Montessori School Is Right for Your Child
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How to Know If a Montessori School Is Right for Your Child

Montessori education is an important part of a child’s life. It allows children to build their areas of interest, create their own paths for better learning and learn to interact with others in a community full of knowledge. The educational philosophy that comes along with Montessori education is a highly successful one, and it has helped to create some of the greatest thinkers of our era. Yet, choosing the right Montessori school for their children is something that is quite a challenge. Why is this so?

The Montessori Method of education is a delicate stage in the life of children. A systematic learning phase, it can have a great impact on the life of your child. These days, Montessori schools vary in implementation and quality. If you have made up your mind that Montessori is the right option for your child, then here are some helpful tips that could help you to choose the right one.

Get More Details on the “Vision” of the School

An important thing you have to ask the school is whether it is traditionally a Montessori or allows room for modifications in its educational structure and curriculum to suit the modern changes in culture. Both of these are important and you will need to make a choice on what is better for your child. Go through the vision of the Montessori before choosing it. At Milton Montessori, you can rest assured that our vision is to give your children a solid foundation that can help to build their life. Additionally, we help children to develop their social, problem-solving, and leadership skills to ensure they reach high levels in life.

Take Note of the Learning Environment

Make sure that the learning environment is a unique one. The sad thing is that some schools claim to have the ideal Montessori structure, but the fact is that they do not have an impressive environment. How can you be sure that the learning environment is suitable for your child?

  • Keep a watch out for a warm, safe and welcoming environment
  • See their learning charts, materials, and plants
  • The classrooms should not have rows of desks, but child-sized furniture for easy movement and curricular activity areas
  • Less toys
  • Toiletry facilities for children
  • Orderly and neat environment
  • Learning materials within reach of children
  • Mixed age grouping

Observe the Teachers

In a Montessori school, the role of a teacher keeps changing. Rather than instructing them from the front of the classroom, the teacher has to engage with the younger children and guide them on how to use materials and play with others in their group. The teachers have to constantly observe the children in the classroom and take note of the areas that require more encouragement, and what materials to give children for their next task. The Montessori teacher has to be a facilitator and mentor, not a harsh dictator. The teacher should be calm, happy and enjoy guiding the children.

As you can see, choosing the right Montessori school requires some in-depth survey of the environment. By doing some research and observing the environment, you can be sure that the school will meet your child’s educational needs.

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