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The Education System for Life

This is not the kind of school you’re thinking of – at least not the traditional system.

Montessori education is a unique designed system for learning and offers exceptional experience that helps your child maximize their potential; an environment that meets the unique developmental needs of students as well as adults who are specially designed to observe and put the child back in touch with what he needs for that specific moment for learning.

A school in precise is a group of people that come together for a common purpose; learning to become educated. Milton Montessori School system works diligently for providing a formative and positive experience that serves for now and for the rest of the life as well. Here’s how Milton Montessori can help you understand and differentiate between the two educations systems:

The Traditional Education System

The regular or tradition educational system, as we call it, was designed during the industrial revolution, when masses moved to urban areas and worked in factories. An effective training method was created for generations of factory workers to follow. Children were taught to memorize and repeat the context – stop doing something when the bell rang – sit when asked to sit – follow a neat pattern and move when granted permission.

The current time has people working on project and not in factories. They get rewards for developing something different and good, rather than following same orders and patterns. They are expected to grow and adapt to change within their profession, rather than constituting their entire life to the same job and working hours. Montessori system in 21st century offers an even safer harbor: research based study method that develops innovative minds and leaders of tomorrow.

And What Exactly is Montessori Education System?

Montessori education system is the core – develops each and every child into the person he is destined to be. This is similar to making an effort in making your home look perfect and safe; Milton Montessori System ensures that the physical environment, the community, students, and teachers all meet the needs of your child and offer support at every step of his educational journey.

Instead of imposing on the student to focus on the teacher in front of other 30 children, it is the Milton Montessori teacher that focuses on the child and creates a trustful bond – education partnership – a faithful bond of understanding that teacher will be truly available – respect between the individuals – teachers respect for believing in the transformation of the student.

Montessori system believes that the world doesn’t need test takers anymore, or memorizers and followers. Like Maria Montessori said:

Education should no longer be mostly imparting of knowledge, but must take a new path, seeking the release of human potentialities.”

More than ever, our world needs critical thinkers, do-ers and entrepreneurs. Milton Montessori prepares the children for taking on the future with zest and zeal, boosted with the gift of self knowledge and passion of learning. This cannot be done in a school. This is simply not a school, but an education system for the rapidly developing world.

And this ‘M’ of Milton Montessori is more than just a letter. It includes the sap of a mother and Montessori. Here are the two synonyms of Montessori Ms:

‘M’ is For Maria Montessori – M is for the first female physician of Italy who founded a system of education that was based on respect and observation of a child. Dr. Montessori brought the first Montessori school in Rome as a housing project and named it, “Casa dei Bombini”. Today, Montessori school systems are found in every part of the world, both private and public.

‘M’ is for Montessori Principles – Montessori principles play the most significant role in a child’s life, and one principle that you will hear the most in Montessori philosophy is: follow the child. Majority of Montessori principles are applied to even the preschooler education system, whether a home school system or a regular school. Some Montessori principles that allow using the Montessori Method of education at home schools and at Montessori schools, include the following principles:

  • Follow your child.
  • Respect and encourage the child.
  • Allow freedom of movement.
  • Support independence and decision making.
  • Offer hands on opportunities and learning experiences.
  • Emphasize on practical life activities
  • Prepare and maintain an attractive Montessori environment.
  • Provide materials and tools that are child size and accessible. Low trays on low shelves give a great example.
  • Don’t interrupt the environment of the child’s work cycle. Let the child choose the activity and work he feels comfortable in doing and concentrating on.
  • Demonstrate activities
  • Isolate the difficulty in an activity wherever possible.


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